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A Peer to Peer resale marketplace for your customers


Bespoke takeback programs designed to fit your brands needs


Liquidate damaged inventory from your warehouse

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Great ones think of it's lifecycle

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Gift your customers a resell button

  • Customers can resell preloved items in 60 seconds on your brand website
  • Purchasing a used item reduces it's carbon footprint by 82%
  • Integrate with your existing loyalty and rewards program
  • 55% of sellers opt for store credit

Hands free technology and operations.

  • Install our app and get started in months days
  • We handle all customer support, fraud and logistics
  • Integrate with existing ERP systems for uninterruped operations

Your warehouse can list damaged inventory

  • Reduce wastage of inventory with minor defects
  • Improve your profit margins
  • Empty out precious warehouse space

Both, brands and sellers earn while making the earth greener.

  • 75% of customers who bought preloved, came back to buy first hand
  • Build brand loyalty through store credit
  • Generate 12-22x ROAS from store credit
*Read our case studies to learn more!

A return policy is not enough

you need a resale policy


Increase Brand Value

The Summer House achieved 22x ROAS through Relove store credit
“Relove helps customers stay loyal to brands. We have seen our customers appreciate our brand even more after launching Relove.”

Founder, The Summer House


Encourage Sales

75% customers who bought preloved on Suta, came back to buy first hand.
“Relove has helped us acquire new customers - people who are aware that buying preloved can slow down climate change”

Sujata and Taniya
Co-Founders, Suta


More Sales

Snitch acquired 8.4x ROAS while saving the planet
“More power to Relove for providing such a platform!”

Siddharth & Chetan


Engage New Customers

Of all the customers acquired through the Summer Somewhere Relove Program, 77% were brand new.
“Sustainability is one of the most important things to me as a fashion founder. Launching Relove on my store was a natural progression for our business to stay ahead of our sustainability goals.”

Meghna Goyal
Founder, Summer Somewhere


Build Customer Loyalty

Bunaai gains deep customer loyalty with 12.15x on Relove store credit
“Giving my customers a resell button has brought them closer to the brand. Solving customers problems builds deep level of loyalty.”

Pari Chowdhary
Founder, Bunaai

Sustain customers. Sustain profits. Sustain the planet.

Enabling a Resell button empowers your customers to reduce their water, waste and carbon footprint. Adopting circularity for your brand helps you shift the idea of sustainability from a burden to a growth channel.

Everytime a garment is resold -


The Products weight in CO2 is eliminated


Of the garments footprint is reduced


Litres of water is saved

Second-hand shopping is becoming the first choice of shoppers

“Starting my personal sustainability journey slowly but surely - and Relove is such a brilliant platform to enable this for me as a consumer. Love how easy it is to go on the websites of the brands that have enabled relove and buy from their reloved collections. The notes from the exes have my• Just got my Bunaai × Relove order and it is in mint condition, cannot wait to see more of my favorite Indian brands be powered by Relove!.”

Yosha Gupta
“Hi! Just wanted to drop a message that I absolutely love what Relove is doing! It's solving for a huge problem but what I really appreciate is the model. It seems like something brands would want to embrace not just out of charity but because it makes business sense. And like it or not, that's the only way of bringing sustainable change. All my love and support, hoping to get myself a Relove product soon! :)”

“@relove_in thank you for your efforts. Got myself a @thejodilife dress that I had been eyeing and it was almost brand new. We need to move past thinking that every summer needs a new summer wardrobe!”

Rishika Das Roy
“Aloha from Hawaii in my beautiful, reloved Summerhouse dress. I really love wearing it and wish I could order more Relove stuff! Hopefully when I come to India this year. Super impressed with the ease of buying and delivery. My parents were leaving for the US and there had been a delay in delivery. Prateek helped coordinate with the seller and the dress arrived in time. Also impressed and excited at how fast the movement is spreading amongst Indian brands. More power to you guys! Would love to chat about how I can help over here!”

Yolekha Mallier
“I just bought one beautiful dress from the Okhai Relove section, and also sold one of my dresses to be reloved! I wanted to thank you again for starting this initiative.What a great way to help save the environment & not compromise on fashion!!! :) I wanted to let you know. The whole re-love initiative has inspired me. ”

Sucharita Ghosh
“So happy to see the brand with Relove! You know, one aspect of ReLove i love is also how it's making brands more accessible to those for whom the prices could be prohibitive.”

Neema Jayadas
“Decided to not shop for new clothes for the festivities. Instead shopped circular in my endeavour to reduce my carbon footprint and pass on a greener planet to our next generation" 🌎✨Bought this reloved saree (@relove_in ) from @suta_bombay and rang into Mahasaptami just fine" ☺️🎉 Dugga Dugga! 🙏”

“As for this look, Pinktober meets #secondhandoctober! The sari is Matka silk with the most gorgeous sequins spread all over. From @sundarii_handmade through @relove_in. And the blouse was a piece I took from my mother’s closet. It’s my go-to for fancy occasions. If I had to build a capsule wardrobe, this blouse would go in first. And that’s the thing, your capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be basic. It has to be basically you”

“Wearing this beautiful secondhand @summersomewhereshop top that I got through their @relove_in section. I’m so grateful to my idol and friend @raising_relove_restoring_earth for creating ReLove!! It allows all your favourite local brands to create a resale platform that in turn gives existing customers and the brand access to second hand buyers like me.”

Sanjana Rishi
“Technology startup Relove aims to transform the circular fashion economy in India, enabling customers to resell clothing through brand websites.”
“Relove was born out of this need to ensure authenticity and close the gap between thrifting and fashion labels”
“How these green techs are waging a war on the waste crisis”
“Technology will change how we create, sell and consume fashion”
“One of the celebrated sustainable brands The Summer House has a platform (Relove) where customers can buy and sell verified pre-owned (pre-loved) garments purchased from The Summer House”

Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody has questions, we're here to answer them.


Relove bears the cost of the shipping between the seller and buyer. This cost is factored into the comission charged on the sale of the item.

Relove verifies the authenticity and condition of the item before it is approved for listing. The item is verified using a combination of manual and automated techniques. Additionally, the seller's payment is held in escrow until the buyer confirms the state of the item.
Relove takes responsibility for any fraud and damaged item during transit.

Relove uses a prepaid wallet system for the relove comission - this includes payments made to the seller, transportation and packaging costs. A prepaid system helps ensure the seller is paid in time and there is enough balance available.

Relove handles all cancellations, however refunds are handled by the merchant since they are processed on their payment gateway.

Yes, the storefront can be fully customized depending on the merchant requirements. We provide an initial standard template however this can be changed as per the requirement. Reach out to as for more information.

We do not currently offfer a whitelabel solution. However this may be available in the future. Reach out to us at to let us know about your requirements.

We recommend you offer store credit upto 10-15% of the value of the product being sold; or calculated as a factor of your acquisition costs on other channels.
Store credit is a great way to incentivize sellers to shop with you again and building customer loyalty.

Relove servers have a great customer acquisition channel for brands to acquire new customers that are eco-conscious. 45% of relove customers are new to our brands
It is important to note that the resale market for your products already exists on 3rd party websites. Relove simply allows the brand to reclaim this market.

Yes, orders made offline or gifted can also be resold. As long as the required product information for the product is present.

Yes, you can decide which products or categories can be made available for resale.

No. We require the product information of the product being sold be available on the store. This helps keep a consistent and high quality experience for buyers, along with reduced fraud.

Yes! You are required to wash or dry clean the item before shipping it. Pass on the love., just as you would expect it to come to you.

Relove transactions are not reversible. Relove does not offer returns to the buyer or seller for reloved products, unless the product does not match the condition listed.
Read our return policy here

48hrs after the item has been delivered you will receive a payment link on your provided email id and phone number. (Unless an issue has been raised by the buyer). You can choose the payment method of your choice - NEFT, RTGS, UPI, IMPS and more.
You can also choose to get paid in store credit. Store credit is a discount code that can be redeemed through the brand you have purchased. Discount codes have no expiry date but they can be used only once.

Relove retains the right to charge a penalty in the following scenarios -
  • The item is not received in the condition specified during listing.
  • The item has not been cleaned or washed.
Relove will choose to charge a cleaning fee, or an adjustment to the price of the item at it's discretion.

Relove will provide the packaging required to ship your item right from your doorstep! You will receive a box or envelope with the shipping label already attached. Just drop your cleaned/washed item in and we will arrange for the pickup! The item must be sent within 3 business days.

If you decide to change your mind and keep the item before it is sold, you can let us know at . We will remove the product from the website. We recommend that you avoid using the item after it has been listed for sale.

When you ship the item, you will provide photographic evidence of it's condition during packaging. If the item is damaged/lost during shipping, Relove will take responsibility for the item and investigate the matter with our courier partners.

We set the price based on a unique algorithm that considers several factors such as age, condition, style and many other factors. We aim to price the item at a point that will most increase the likelihood of it's sale.

These items may be delisted from the store or may be custom items that are no longer listed. Contact us over email at if you believe this is an error.

If you have purchased the item as a guest, you will need to first create an account. Click on the create account on the wardrdobe page, use the same email address you provided during your guest checkout.
Once your account is created, you can login and view your orders to resell.
Still not able to find your orders? Drop us a note at

Yes! If you have more than 3 items to resell, drop us a note at and we will pickup and photograph the items for you.

Only items directly purchased from brands are listed for sale. These items are verified through past orders and confirmed through images and videos.

Relove transactions are not reversible. Relove does not offer returns to the buyer or seller for reloved products, unless the product does not match the condition listed.
Read our return policy here.

If you receive an item with damages or in a condition different than specified by the seller, let us know within 48 hrs and we will investigate the matter and issue a refund.
Read our return policy here.

Shipping reloved items can take longer than regular products as the item is shipped directly from the seller and is verified by our team. Allow a minimum of 10 to 14 days for your item to be delivered.
You will receive regular updated on the status of your item via email.

We use a fraction of our wardrobe on a regular basis while the rest simply lies unused. Yet the size of the average wardrobe has doubled over the last 10 years. The fashion industry contributes to 10% of global CO2 emissions. Thrifting allows us to make the maximum use of garments already in circulation.

All orders are non-reversible! Please make sure you have reviewed the item and it's condition before buying.
Read our return policy here.

Packages to the seller containing labels and envelopes are made from recycled paper. Whereas the enevelope itself is made from kraft paper that is recyclable.

The CO2 emissions from shipping are a small fraction of the emissions required to make a completely new garment. Right from extraction of the raw material, the waste water while making the fabric, tailoring and the eventual shipping of the new garment itself.

The most sustainable alternative continues to be to buy less, but if you still need that new outfit, why not thrift it; You can get a great deal while you're saving the planet too!