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Relove is a technology that enables brands to run their own thrift shops.

Who is it for?
Fashion brands aiming to be sustainable.

What does Relove do?
We built the technology allowing you to deploy a peer to peer resale platform right on your shopify store, but we know it needs more than just that. Relove manages the entire peer to peer resale process end to end inlcuding - technology integration, listing approvals, shipping, communication, customer care and traceability.

thrift marketplacerelove logo

Each garment resold, saves upto 6 times it's weight in CO2.

Brands are in the position to take the initiative to ensure safe traceable resale of their products.

By ensuring a possibility of resale, the pieces of a brand become truely timeless and have a long term value associated with it. Just like a car, they dont lose their value right after the purchase.

Not only does having a resale program create greater brand loyalty but it also ensures the brand's story is told every time a product of yours is resold.

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